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How far in advance do I need to book for my occasion?
We have the capability to accommodate your needs, even at the last minute. However, we do prefer for weddings that you book two months ahead of time, if possible.

If I come in at the last minute for my prom or black tie affair, will there be an extra charge?
No, there is no extra charge for a late order.

When can I come in to be fitted for my event?
You can come in at anytime to be fitted. For weddings we would appreciate more time, 3 weeks prior is preferred. If your groomsmen are out of town, then they can be fitted at a formal wear shop in their area and call us with their measurements.

Are your tuxedos coming in from a warehouse, and if so, when will I be able to view them and try them on?
All of our inventory is on the premises, you can view and try on your tuxedo the day you arrive if you wish.

When do I pick up my rental after I’ve booked for my occasion?
Your rentals will be available 2 days prior to the occasion you need it for. At that time you can come in and try on your tuxedo, and we can make any adjustments if needed.

Do I need to pay for my rental up front, or do I pay a deposit?
You do not have to pay for your rental up front unless you choose to. You can put a deposit down if you want, as little as $20.00 and that will be applied to the balance. Or you can just pay in full when you pick it up.